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The 45th Parallel cuts across the North America, Europe and Asia. Our journey will take us through the North American leg first. Passing through at least 12 states in the US and four Canadian provinces.

Starting from the west coast, our plan is to move eastward visiting the cities  on and near the parallel. From Oregon to Idaho passing the Rocky Mountains and through the Great Plains. We will push from the Great Lakes along the Canada line to the east coast and ending in Nova Scotia.

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Exploring in and around the 45th Parallel!

Go east, young man, go east... Starting the journey on the west coast and working our way across America and touching a handful of Canadian provinces too!

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Enjoy visiting cities and plces in North America That you might not get the opportunity to see...

West of the Rockies

From the Pacific to the Rockies

East of the Rockies

From the Rockies to the Great Lakes!

From the Great Lakes to the East Coast!

Exploring the Great Lakes to the East Coast!


Making our way east through Canada to the East Coast!

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